Website to make money: how to generate traffic!

Well let me tell you the truth and stop believing in the negative people around you. It is real! It’s possible! To help you with your first money making website, I will outline a simple guide in small steps on everything. What I am about to describe is free, which means you don’t have to put a single penny into this plan. So here are the steps:

Pick a niche: Every website is established with a theme or is built around a theme. You better not select a really broad topic, like “make money online”. It is more beneficial to select something similar to “make money at home”, so that your website home business ideas is more focused. Also, it is more beneficial if you select something in which you have an interest.
Keyword Research – Conduct keyword research on the topic you have selected. Use – AdWords – is a good keyword research site. Type in your niche keyword to earn money at home and see the results. You better not go for the most popular keywords (the one with the highest count), or else you will get too much competition for that keyword. Once you’ve selected a few keywords, use these keywords and build your site around that keyword.
Paid Membership Programs: Once you have chosen your keywords, I would recommend doing a search on “reputable paid membership programs. The reason I say this is because it can eliminate many of the scams, and their membership programs paid offer you what you need to be successful Training, support, marketing tools, free websites, autoresponders, and most importantly, a coach to help you succeed.