The Different Styles of Headphones That One Can Purchase

Nowadays, you will have a hard time finding someone without a portable music player, most often an iPod or a cell phone with a media player function, at all times. The way that technology has advanced makes it easier and easier for us to manage our digital music collections and carry more and more with us all the time.
With the increased availability of portable music, the need for exceptional headphones has increased. The only problem is, with more and more options in headphone types, it’s hard to pick just the headphone styles that are the best. Here’s a quick rundown of headphone styles and why they might be right for you. In the ear

In-ear headphones have probably become Blackpod Pro the most common form of headphone styles. Every iPod on the planet ships with a pair of in-ear headphones, and you couldn’t walk through a college town, a mall, or an airport without seeing at least 10-15 pairs of in-ear headphones plugged in. decent sound, and they’re pretty good at staying indoors during moderate activity, recent studies are looking at the effect of having high volume sound filling your ear canal. Prices range from cheap to very expensive, but they are definitely a convenient, stylish, and somewhat covert way to listen to your music.

Over ear

Another favorite of the headphone styles, these headphones are quite small and sit on the top of the ear, rather than inside it, like the earbuds above. Typically covered in a soft material that won’t irritate your skin during extended wear, over-the-ear headphones offer some incredible sound options. A little less fancy than their in-ear counterparts, you may still find them worn a lot in gyms or places where you want a little more comfort than style. Some of the best headphones out there.
Noise Cancellation

These are a relatively style of headphones and a very happy surprise for people who travel a lot or use their headphones to work. These headphones are generally placed over the ear, but there are some companies that come with studio-level headphones and headphones that have noise cancellation technology built in. These headphones generally require batteries and have a very tight fit to make sure no external sound leaks into what you’re listening to, making them somewhat heavy and uncomfortable for long periods of listening. Still, it’s hard to beat the ability to block out all external noise.

Really exploding in popularity recently, studio headphones have made the leap from extremely expensive professional tools to affordable, consumer-friendly models. These are the best headphones you can have if sound is the most important thing to you – professionals use them in real studios to achieve the hits you hear on the radio.